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   Research in both the history of mathematics and the applications of history of mathematics to pedagogy have been enriched by new directions in recent years. The results have included new emphases in both disciplines, with diverse and far-reaching consequences. On the side of history, we see a renewed interest in the philosophical issues of various kinds, on the transmission of mathematical knowledge from local settings to global norms, on networks of scholars and networks of texts, on the nature and importance of application in mathematics, and on a reassessment of the importance of computation in all its forms. On the side of education, we see an expansion of the strategic use of history as a tool, going beyond cross-cultural comparison to being an ingredient in various theoretical approaches. The purpose of the meeting proposed is to assemble senior scholars active in these fields, junior scholars whose work promises to be transformative, and scholars who are ambitious to acquire new approaches while presenting contributed papers on work of their own for comment by their peers. With a broadly inclusive scope we hope to build on the positive experiences of earlier meeting to continue to build a Chinese and international research community and to build links for the future.We are deeply convinced that the better understanding of modern mathematical activity that such an approach can yield will be helpful for mathematics education at all levels, and that the presence of researchers with education as a primary focus will enhance this aim.


Tom ARCHIBALD, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
Umberto BOTTAZZINI, University of Milan, Milan
Jiang-Ping Jeff CHEN, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud
Leo CORRY, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv
Catherine GOLDSTEIN, CNRS, Paris
Christopher David HOLLINGS, University of Oxford, Oxford
Sung Sa HONG, Sogang University, Seoul
Lizhen JI, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Zhigang JI, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai.
Fumiharu KATO, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo
Deborah KENT, Drake University, Des Moines
Young Wook KIM, Korea University, Seoul
Tinne Hoff KJELDSEN, Roskilde University, Copenhagen
Ko Wei LIH, Academia Sinica, Taibei
Jesper LÜTZEN, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen
Jeanne PEIFFER,CNRS, Paris
Anjing QU, Northwest University, Xian
Sangwook REE, The University of Suwon, HwaSeongSi
Tilman SAUER, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Mainz
Norbert SCHAPPACHER, Université de Strasbourg, Strasbourg
Man Keung SIU, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Ivahn SMAJDA, Univereité Paris Diderot, Paris
Kenji UENO, Yokkaichi University, Yokkaichi

Hong ZHANG,Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu



杜  伟   四川师范大学

纪志刚   上海交通大学


邓明立   河北师范大学
王光明   天津师范大学
王青建   辽宁师范大学
任辛喜   山西师范大学
陈传钟   海南师范大学
陈克胜   安徽师范大学
李晓奇   东北大学秦皇岛分校
宋乃庆   西南大学
汪晓勤   华东师范大学
郭世荣   内蒙古师范大学
唐  泉   咸阳师范学院
徐传胜   临沂大学
徐泽林   东华大学
袁  敏   西北大学
曹广福   广州大学
黄秦安   陕西师范大学
薛有才   浙江科技学院
王  昌   西北大学
周  吉   四川师范大学
张  红   四川师范大学
乔  磊   四川师范大学

张  红   四川师范大学
乔  磊   四川师范大学

王  昌   西北大学